Other cardboard products

Technical cardboard can be used in number of fields. Thanks to various modifications of cardboard during manufacturing, cardboard can be used practically anywhere.

Coloured cardboard is coloured, durable pressed paper stock used for production of folders and binders, office boxes, visit-cards, mounts and luxury packaging. Precompressed pressboard is a special type of durable pressed paper stock used for example as pads into cutting presses. Shoe industry used special type of braced cardboard, resistant to aging. In every office you can then find open cases for documents, notebooks and writing pads. Packaging business is dominated by carton, as almost every product in packed into this material. To please people around us, you can also use decorative packaging for bottles of wine, printed paper bags etc.

Electric insulation cardboard

Electric insulation cardboard is a special type of durable pressed paper stock used for insulation of electrical machines. It is solid, flexible and elastic, it is of brown colour, ecology friendly, with high dielectric strength.

Precompressed cardboard PC9072

It is a special type of durable pressed paper stock used as a pad in cutting presses, for production of dressmaker´s templates, templates for drilling, spacers or welding screens, packaging, pallet pads etc.

  • Format: 1000 x 750 mm or 1550 x 1020 mm (more on request)
  • Colour: brown
  • Properties: solid, flexible, elastic, stackable, easy to cut, does not create splinters, with long service life and durability, recyclable.

Solid mechanical cardboard

Cardboard is manufactured in paper stock weight from 250 to 1000 g/m2 in the following design: white-grey, white-brown, white-white, green-grey, green-brown, blue-brown, yellow-brown, brown-brown, brown-brown coloured, grey-grey, grey-light grey, grey-dark grey. Minimum order weight 1 t – delivery in 4 - 6 weeks.

  • Standard size of a sheet 1200 x 800, 1150x 750 and 1000 x 700 mm
  • Rolls width from 190 to 2250 mm, max. diameter of the roll is 1200 mm

Colour, graphic cardboard

Coloured cardboard is coloured, durable pressed paper stock. It is manufactured by felting high quality plant fibre in wet conditions with consequent use of colour, adding layers, pressing and calendering.

Shoe board

Shoe board is manufactured by felting high quality plant fibre and adding rosin size and with consequent adding layers, pressing and calendering. It is specially hardened, flexible and moisture resistant.

  • Use: Shoe and textile industry, furniture industry, leads
  • Colour: Grey to black, brick red (minimum volume 3000 kg)
  • Thickness: 1,00 mm / 1.50 mm / 2.00 mm
  • Format: 1500 x 1100 or 1100 x 750 mm

Archiving cardboard

Aging resistant fibreboard, without acids, buffered with alkaline buffers, good workability, durability. Archiving cardboard for long-term archiving: boxes, filers, archiving boxes, photo boxes etc.

Office folders

Upon individual request of the customer, we are able to provide wide range of office folders and binders, pads, notebooks etc. The whole assortment of office folders is made of the offered coloured cardboard.

We will prepare for you quotations depending on quantity and form of requested material based on concrete requirements.

Techlep – technical cardboard

Following termination of production in paper-mill Fassmann, company Techlep was founded, which supplied the market with many of the products formerly produced by the closed down paper-mill.

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