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Rožnov paper-mill belonged to the oldest paper-mills in Europe. Its foundation charter dates back to 11 March, 1664. In 1812, the paper-mill and the municipal brewery were purchased by Fassmann family. The villa and the paper-mill were part of the family´s property until the year 1948, when they were nationalised. Restitution claims of the family were approved in 1989 and the paper-mill was returned to Fassmann family. The paper-mill closed down in December 2010.

Due to our long term engagement in Fassmann paper-mill (since 1996 until the end of production), we have decided to take advantage of many years of experiences in this field and re-introduce the assortment originally offered by Fassmann paper-mill. We now offer wide range of technical cardboard for many different purposes and we continue to widen our portfolio. In addition to offering cardboard as a semi-product, we also offer final products, especially office folders from coloured/graphic cardboard, segments or blanks from other offered materials. We concentrate mainly on quality of the goods and we are able to react flexibly to the needs of our customers.

Techlep – technical cardboard

Following termination of production in paper-mill Fassmann, company Techlep was founded, which supplied the market with many of the products formerly produced by the closed down paper-mill.

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